Welcome To ßilbo's Beaudatious Graphics !

Animated graphics, Ani gifs, Free graphics, Free Ani gifs for your web site, Lines, Art, Computer graphics, Largest gif collection ( *LOL* this'll get me to the top of Infoseek and yahoo !).

Welcome to what I think is the best collection of animated gifs on the net ! While this site does contain a great many ani.gifs, it by no means contains ALL the gifs that are out there, or even all that are in my collection. I felt that many ani. gifs were not up to par for this site. The main things I look for in an ani gif for this are transparent backgrounds (unless they're exceptionally great), uniqueness and usefulness.

This site is a little different than most ani. gif sites in that rather than clicking and loading one gif at a time, entire categories load at once! And you know what that means, LONG DOWNLOAD TIMES ( after the category is listed the number of gifs and minutes to load the page with a 28.8 modem. I, think that this is the best way to compare them so that you can choose what you want to use. So, click on a category, then go to the bathroom, get something to eat, mow the lawn, or, I hate to say it, TAKE A NAP (hopefully not a long one).

I ask you though for one favor. If you see a great ani. gif, please e mail me the address so that I may include it in this site. Also, if you own a copyright to one of these ani. gifs and wish me to remove it, or you would like a link to you, please let me know via e mail.

I have spent a great deal of time collecting these, and perhaps even more time arranging them here. And now I offer them to you for use on your own web site. Please do not link these graphics directly to your site, rather, right click on the image and save it to your own file (for detailed instructions see below). NOW, ON WITH THE SHOW ! :-)


or...How to steal graphics from other people's web site)


  1. Right Click on the image you want. (Mac users just hold down the mouse)
  2. A pop-up menu will appear.
  3. With Netscape, choose Save Image As...With MS explorer choose Save Picture As
  4. Select the directory on your hard drive that contains your web page files. for example c:\webpage\ ( or save it to a floppy disk)
  5. You may use the default name, or give the image a simple name and a .gif extension.For example, logo.gif or dog.gif
  6. Click on Save ( you now have the picture)
  7. Upload the picture to your web site
  8. In your web page, refer to the image by the name you saved it as. Be precise.
  9. The basic HTML 'tag' to insert a picture on a web page is : <IMG SRC="picture name.gif"> with picture name.gif being the complete name of the picture ( be sure to put the quotation marks in).

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